ISP #29 – Lake Monsters!!

From July 19, 2014. We talk about lake monsters, octopodes, plesiosaurs, and all manner of nonsense. As a bonus, we talk about stupid politicians who think that AIDS is caused by sperm chemicals and who think women are magical rape detectors.

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ISP #27 – George Orwell’s ‘1984’ and other dystopian stories

From July 12, 2014. We talk about 1984 and a bunch of other dystopian novels. War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.

More episodes are coming! GET READY!


ISP #26 – Social Justice Warriors Unite!

From June 28, 2014. We talk about the difference between social justice activists and “social justice warriors” – the people who make being outraged a hobby. We find points of agreement and disagreement. We make dick jokes. This was a mostly free-form discussion, so… enjoy!


ISP #25 – What the F#@K are we Talking About?

From last June! We’re so timely!! Here are the show notes…

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ISP #22 – Zombie Apocalypse – Stayin’ Alive!



On this episode, the whole gang gets together to trade brain recipes! Or not. Listen and see.

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ISP #20.1 – Brainstorm Podcast Fundraiser Promo

Hi, folks. We want to give a shout-out to the folks over at the Brainstorm Podcast, who have been running a fundraiser recently to support mental health services in Canada.

In basically every single part of the developed world, mental health care is still far worse than it could be. A significant portion of the population of Canada is affected by this, including both the sufferers of mental illnesses and their families and friends. So Cory and his fellow co-hosts wanted to bring some attention, and a little cash, to the issue.

If you want to help out, go to You can pick up a sweet Brainstorm Podcast tee shirt, complete with the electrified brain logo and the slogan “woo free since 2013” on the front, and the logo of the Canadian Mental Health Association on the back. They’re pretty sweet. I’ve already snagged one for myself.

The profits from the sales of the shirts will be used as a donation to the CMHA. For the low low price of $22.50 – American, by the way; none of this Canadian play money bullshit – you can get yourself or a loved one a shirt that shows everyone that you’re both smart enough to listen to good podcasts and compassionate enough to care about mental health. They’re sized from small to 3XL, so they’ll even fit your gross, sweaty body.

On November 22, Kevin Huber from the Regina Branch of the CMHA will join Cory in the Brainstorm studio to talk about the state of mental health care in Canada. The guys will also be joined by Chris Real, a local musician who suffers from depression, regular panel member Mike, and guest Heidi Smithson who has an education in psychology and will bring her expertise to bear.

The campaign ends November 17, so hurry out and get your shirt before it’s too late. As of this posting, they’ve sold 23 shirts toward their goal of 50. Cory has 3 free shirts left to give away to anyone who shares a link to the Teespring page with their friends – all you have to do is send a screenshot of where you shared it to!

Don’t forget to check out the Brainstorm Podcast on the web at, on Twitter as @Brainstormpod, at, or on iTunes or Stitcher.

ISP #20 – Feedback Mini-sode

On September 17, 2014, Jon and McElroy sat down over drinks to talk about some of the feedback we’ve received. We promise we didn’t write it all ourselves!

P.S. – if your name is Wade Kaardal or Brian Koppi, we owe you a prize for sending in feedback. Send your contact info to and we’ll hook you up!

Irreverent Skeptics Podcast Episode 17 – I Ain’t Afraid o’ No Ghosts

On April 12, 2014, we talked about SPOOKY GHOSTS! McElroy related his experiences on a ghost hunt and in a seance, Bohler talked about the tools of the trade, Jon described some of the “world’s most haunted places,” and more. Take a listen! Also check out the outtake for this episode… we had a bit of a false start.

No, seriously. Ghosts.

No, seriously. Ghosts.

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