Erno Marttila

Beast from the East of the Communist Republic of Finland. For the most parts I tend to be on the left side on economics and liberal on social policies. I also support environmental values such as nature conservation and limiting human harm to the nature. I did my semimandatory military service in the Ballistic Weather Service in the Finnish Marine Jaeger Artillery reaching the rank of corporal (which is roughly equal to sergeant in the US military)

Bachelor of Science in Paper Technology and studying for a masters in Automation.

With extraordinary abilities in:
Role playing- Sexual and otherwise
Photography – Night time and animal
Board games – Versatile, fuck magic the gathering
Profanities – Now in five different languages
Trivia – for trivia’s sake
Nerd lore – Sci-fi and fantasy, fuck Tolkien. Yea, I read it, I said it.
Beers – Stouts, porters and other good ones. No lager please.
Movies – Old ones, new ones. I hate shitty 3D.

Other areas of interest: Dogs and gaming

I used to be a relatively non-practicing Lutheran until I took an arrow to the knee (or read the bible, don’t remember which). No one could answer my religious questions so I slowly reached atheism. I left the church before I was 18. Even after that I used to be pretty credulous. I still held my belief in ghosts, monsters and aliens fueled by such series as the X-files and *sigh* ghost hunters. It wasn’t until I found the Atheist Experience that I learned to think more critically about everything and Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe sealed the deal for me.

I don’t bring anything to the podcast except a fresh perspective, profanity, shitty jokes and an epic beard. Totally awesome, dual nunchaku wielding, Abraham Lincoln beard. Now where did I put my monocle?

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