Amelia Earhart The Lost Evidence – Special Report

Amelia Earhart The Lost Evidence – Special Report

The photos in question

Photo from the National Archives – ONI Undated

Blow up of the ONI photo

Photo from the Diet Archives (Japan) dated October 1935

ISP #31 – Epidemics and Pandemics!!

WE’RE ALIVE! And we’ve got a good one! From August 31, 2014… yes, we’re that far behind…

31 - Epidemics and Pandemics!! (August 31, 2014)

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ISP Riffs #1: Brother White

On April 5, 2015, I (Mike McElroy) and Jon Ownbey sat down to watch the 2012 Christian comedy Brother White, from David A. R. White, the producer of the simply awful God’s Not Dead. As we watched, we riffed on what we were seeing, not unlike a completely unprepared and unprofessional version of RiffTrax.

As of September 13, 2015, the movie is still available on Netflix. If you want to subject yourself to a truly horrible film and even worse commentary, get the film loaded up, pause it right at the beginning, and give our snarkiness a listen!

ISP #29 – Lake Monsters!!

From July 19, 2014. We talk about lake monsters, octopodes, plesiosaurs, and all manner of nonsense. As a bonus, we talk about stupid politicians who think that AIDS is caused by sperm chemicals and who think women are magical rape detectors.

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ISP #27 – George Orwell’s ‘1984’ and other dystopian stories

From July 12, 2014. We talk about 1984 and a bunch of other dystopian novels. War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.

More episodes are coming! GET READY!


ISP #26 – Social Justice Warriors Unite!

From June 28, 2014. We talk about the difference between social justice activists and “social justice warriors” – the people who make being outraged a hobby. We find points of agreement and disagreement. We make dick jokes. This was a mostly free-form discussion, so… enjoy!


ISP #25 – What the F#@K are we Talking About?

From last June! We’re so timely!! Here are the show notes…

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Reverent Believers #1 – Those Darned Atheists!


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ISP #24 – Mind Your Own Bees-ness



Originally broadcast June 14, 2014, here’s our conversation about colony collapse disorder – what’s up with that?
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