ISP Riffs #1: Brother White

On April 5, 2015, I (Mike McElroy) and Jon Ownbey sat down to watch the 2012 Christian comedy Brother White, from David A. R. White, the producer of the simply awful God’s Not Dead. As we watched, we riffed on what we were seeing, not unlike a completely unprepared and unprofessional version of RiffTrax.

As of September 13, 2015, the movie is still available on Netflix. If you want to subject yourself to a truly horrible film and even worse commentary, get the film loaded up, pause it right at the beginning, and give our snarkiness a listen!

ISP #19 – Potluck Skepticism

As mentioned in the last post, this show actually came before episode 18. But that doesn’t matter. Time is all wibbly-wobbly anyway.

In this episode:

  • McElroy reviews “God’s Not Dead” (here’s the Reasonable Doubts episode about it, too)
  • Erno talks about woo he discovered walking around his town in Finland
  • Bohler talks about the stuff he’s been researching, especially the history of civilization and how quacks cherry-pick evidence
  • We discuss the Burzynski Clinic and its record of failure and pseudoscience

No show notes this time – we were just winging it!