A Visit To Wootopia

Last night I decided just for fun to check out a local group meeting up for a discussion about “life and its mysteries”. I was thinking it would be maybe 10 people sitting around a table. Instead there were over 30 people sitting in a circle on the floor. That made the whole thing a little uninteresting for me because instead of having a conversation it was just people taking turns talking about things without any real back and forth.

There was a lot of woo stuff like talk of chakras and healing cancer with diet and positive thinking, but there were also a few talkers who expressed opinions that on the surface at least sounded nice and skeptical and that I could agree with. One person even mentioned the Fundamental Attribution Error, which made me stop and take notice.

Anyway, I went to use their washroom and saw this little guy sitting at the window:

A Little Weeping Angel

After I got back they went around the circle and everybody got an opportunity to give their opinion on what they thought about the meeting. As part of that I said “If there are any Doctor Who fans here, you should probably start panicking about now because there’s a weeping angel in the bathroom.” That got a few laughs.

Then they turned down the lights and we had a guided meditation, and I realized as it was ending that I’d just missed a golden opportunity to sneak off, grab the weeping angel, and place it in the middle of the circle.

Ah well.