Shit Internet Apologists Say: Father Dwight Longenecker (originally broadcast 10/25/2014)

I read this rant on our Environmental Activism episode, one of our many backlogged recordings. Dwight Longenecker has apparently been at it again recently, so I thought I’d share this text for posterity rather than make you wait for the audio. Enjoy!

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ISP #24 – Mind Your Own Bees-ness



Originally broadcast June 14, 2014, here’s our conversation about colony collapse disorder – what’s up with that?
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Seriously, can we just not waste time and money on stuff that isn’t possible?

This is fascinating. Steven Novella and David Gorski wrote an opinion article questioning whether it’s worthwhile to do clinical trials on medical modalities that don’t have any prior scientific plausibility, such as homeopathy and reiki. Basically, it’s an extension of their promotion of science-based medicine (which uses a Bayesian analysis of what we actually know throughout the sciences) versus evidence-based medicine (which just relies on the examination of the evidence in a specific experiment). And they’re getting flack about it – from people who thoroughly misunderstand their position.

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ISP #23 – The Satanic Panic

Here are the notes from this show, originally broadcast May 17, 2014. They’re lengthy, so I’m just going to dump them all, raw and uncut. Enjoy!

(Also, note that the Dark Dungeons movie is out now! You can get it for $5, and the bonus features for another $2.50.)

Poor ol' Satan...

Poor ol’ Satan…

Hello and welcome to the Irreverent Skeptics podcast! I’m your host, Jon Ownbey, and joining me today in the unending fight against the forces of darkness are Erno Marttila, Michael McElroy, Mike Bohler, and Dumbass!

And special guest – The Astronomer Royal of Karl Mamer’s “The Conspiracy Skeptic” Podcast and the brains and brawn of the “Exposing PseudoAstronomy” podcast, Stuart Robbins!

Today, we’re going to talk about the Satanic Panic – that period during the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s when the devil was always lurking just around the corner. If the Religious Right is to be believed (and if not them, who can you trust?), diabolical influences were everywhere in pop culture – from music and movies to games and toys. Where did it all start? What were some of their wildest claims? Is it still going on today? Let’s dip our toes into the lake of fire, pinch our noses to keep out the smell of burning brimstone, and take a journey through hell to find out the truth.

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Your legal reading for the day

On Wednesday, January 7, a US Second Circuit Court decision affirmed that New York students have to be vaccinated within two weeks of entering public school.

The plaintiffs “argued that the statutory vaccination requirement, which is subject to medical and religious exemptions, violates their substantive due process rights, the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment, the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, the Ninth Amendment, and both state and municipal law.”

One of the plaintiffs, Dina Check, testified that she is Catholic and stated, “How I treat my daughter’s health and her well-being is strictly by the word of God.” I don’t know a single Catholic who would say this; Catholics typically aren’t anti-medicine (with a few notable exceptions, like contraception). She even said this herself – she “testified that she did not know of any tenets of Catholicism that prohibited vaccinations.” She claimed that her child had had adverse reactions to vaccinations before, and that she asked God for guidance and protection. (The Almighty was unavailable for comment.)

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ISP #20.1 – Brainstorm Podcast Fundraiser Promo

Hi, folks. We want to give a shout-out to the folks over at the Brainstorm Podcast, who have been running a fundraiser recently to support mental health services in Canada.

In basically every single part of the developed world, mental health care is still far worse than it could be. A significant portion of the population of Canada is affected by this, including both the sufferers of mental illnesses and their families and friends. So Cory and his fellow co-hosts wanted to bring some attention, and a little cash, to the issue.

If you want to help out, go to You can pick up a sweet Brainstorm Podcast tee shirt, complete with the electrified brain logo and the slogan “woo free since 2013” on the front, and the logo of the Canadian Mental Health Association on the back. They’re pretty sweet. I’ve already snagged one for myself.

The profits from the sales of the shirts will be used as a donation to the CMHA. For the low low price of $22.50 – American, by the way; none of this Canadian play money bullshit – you can get yourself or a loved one a shirt that shows everyone that you’re both smart enough to listen to good podcasts and compassionate enough to care about mental health. They’re sized from small to 3XL, so they’ll even fit your gross, sweaty body.

On November 22, Kevin Huber from the Regina Branch of the CMHA will join Cory in the Brainstorm studio to talk about the state of mental health care in Canada. The guys will also be joined by Chris Real, a local musician who suffers from depression, regular panel member Mike, and guest Heidi Smithson who has an education in psychology and will bring her expertise to bear.

The campaign ends November 17, so hurry out and get your shirt before it’s too late. As of this posting, they’ve sold 23 shirts toward their goal of 50. Cory has 3 free shirts left to give away to anyone who shares a link to the Teespring page with their friends – all you have to do is send a screenshot of where you shared it to!

Don’t forget to check out the Brainstorm Podcast on the web at, on Twitter as @Brainstormpod, at, or on iTunes or Stitcher.